The Power of Prayer

Dear Friend,

When you or someone you love is facing a life-threatening illness... sometimes you need a miracle.

I’m Brian Chambers, publisher of Dr. Mark Stengler’s House Calls. And although I’m best known for publishing cutting-edge natural and nutritional therapies, there’s one healing force I believe trumps all others...

The Power of Prayer

These days, it’s considered “politically incorrect” to talk about the proven healing power of prayer. It makes some people uncomfortable... they think it’s unscientific... that the benefits aren’t real.

When we pray... really pray, with intensity and with our whole hearts engaged, the most powerful force in the universe starts to work in our lives. And that’s when real miracles happen.

That’s why I created a special book of what I call “therapeutic prayers.” It’s called Hope & Healing. Inside, you’ll find 8 of the most potent, healing-focused prayers I’ve come across in all my studies.

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The book is free. Just enter your email in the box above and I’ll send it in PDF format right away. Feel free to print out several copies. It’s designed as a pocket-sized booklet, so you can keep a copy on your shelf, and take a couple with you to share with friends in need.

You can follow these 8 prayers word-for-word, or use them as guides and inspiration for your own talks with God.

If you or someone you love is facing a serious illness like cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s, or you’re dealing with chronic pain, anxiety or depression... my hope is that these special prayers help bring God’s love and healing into your life.

And I truly believe... if you pray with faith, intensity and devotion... you can see miracles happen.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Chambers
Brian Chambers
Publisher, House Calls

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