Amazing new
“10-Cent Tummy Tuck”
melts gobs of stubborn belly fat

Plus...The 5 PROVEN New Shockers That
REVERSE Every Disease of Aging

(And 2 common “natural supplements” you should never take for any reason.)

Today, breaking medical news has fat cat plastic surgeons quaking in their Italian loafers...

Researchers report a “10-CENT TUMMY TUCK” trims off masses of deadly belly fat without the risks of cosmetic surgery. Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine completed their double-blind, placebo-controlled study—the gold standard of medical research.

And it works! The aging, overweight “couch potatoes” who took this miracle molecule kept right on eating just like before.

Yet within a matter of months...Bulging waistlines abruptly shrunk (and they weren’t just sucking in their guts). When researchers peered inside their bellies with MRI scans, yes indeed — masses of fat had vanished.

The average patient lost: 13 square centimeters of belly fat under the skin, plus another 13 square centimeters of deeper, even deadlier visceral fat...for a whopping total of 26 square centimeters.

Yet the unfortunate folks who didn’t take it actually gained belly fat! Want to try it yourself? More good news. This is not a dangerous stimulant! And, unlike popular herbal formulas, this substance is so phenomenally cheap, your daily dose might cost one thin dime.

Plus, it’s so healthy, the same study showed that...

It even cuts insulin resistance linked to diabetes!

Now ask yourself this: Why hasn’t your doctor filled out a prescription for you already? The answer is simple. Because this is no pharmaceutical concoction mixed up in a chemical laboratory.

Nope. This miracle molecule is found naturally in every human body. Which means it can’t be patented...and therefore can’t be sold for huge profits by any billion-dollar drug company.

But as the natural levels in your body decline as you get older, it’s possible to replace them with a natural, powerful supplement. Without a prescription of any kind. But you must know where to get this miracle “tummy tuck” molecule... and exactly how much to take.

All the details are waiting for you right now – for FREE... thanks to the genius physician who is championing it in our country. I am about to reveal him to you, but allow me to first introduce myself.

My name is Jenny Thompson. I’m the Executive Director of an international research organization known as The Health Sciences Institute (or HSI). It was through HSI where I first learned about an extraordinary physician...who was reversing obesity and diabetes with safe, natural therapies available to anyone.

His name is Dr. Mark Stengler and as I’m about to show you in this report, he’s at the leading edge of a brand new kind medicine that I believe will finally be the answer for you and your loved ones.

Keep reading, because Dr. Stengler has allowed me to reveal his 5 most powerful disease cures here. [Note: This is private information the mainstream desperately hoped would never be released to the public.]

Here’s the first one now and it’s a blockbuster. It’s a fact:

Dr. Stengler is pioneering today’s best-kept secret
for COMBATTING cancer...

Did you know? Cancer just jumped ahead of heart disease as the #1 killer of Americans between the ages of 45-65. Which makes it all the more tragic that Americans still don’t know the shocking truth about one of today’s best proven natural cancer fighters...

Maybe you’ve heard that medicinal mushrooms can help you fight cancer? Even the doddering mainstream medical system has finally caught wind of this one — but there’s a deadly catch.

The problem is that dozens of different mushroom extracts are now being sold. And many so-called “cutting-edge” formulas are experimental long shots. They’ve mostly been tested on mice. Want to bet your life on that?

Yet one under-hyped mushroom has been tested and proven many times— in studies on people. It’s an inexpensive and common mushroom that most Americans have never heard of. Yet the science behind it is so far ahead of better-known medicinal mushrooms, there’s simply no contest.

At least 40 clinical studies on real people
prove it works...


SIMPLE FACT: You can’t patent a natural substance, like a mushroom. So the people controlling our medical system (the Big Pharma CEOs and their partners at the FDA) work very hard to make sure you don’t ever hear a word about these proven natural cures.

In fact, I have worked in the natural health industry for 15 years but even I had never heard of this one particular mushroom extract...That is, until I asked Dr. Stengler why so many of his “incurable” cancer patients are now so fantastically healthy.

In no uncertain terms, he told me...“If a loved one has cancer, you must tell them...”

FACT: A 10-year study proved that this special extract can even extend the lives of late-stage lung cancer patients after undergoing radiation— more than tripling their five-year survival rate.

FACT: Another eight-year study proved it can keep colorectal cancer patients cancer-free after surgery over twice as long...

FACT: In China and Japan, it’s not an alternative, but a mainstream therapy. It’s routinely prescribed as an adjuvant therapy (meaning it’s used along with standard treatments) for breast, stomach, colon and lung cancer patients.

In Japan, it’s one of the bestselling cancer medicines of any type. The proof that it works is so solid, both governments have even approved it as a drug! Better still, you don’t have to change your conventional therapy to get the benefits from this mushroom extract.

Just tell your oncologist you’d like to take it as a complementary treatment. Plus, it’s so safe and affordable, you could take it as a daily preventive...

Ironically, it actually grows wild in America — yet most Americans don’t even know it exists! And tragically, even though a few well-meaning healers in our country are starting to recommend it...

They’re often prescribing the wrong form! Yes! Even if you manage to find supplements made from this mushroom, chances are they’re not the type that was used in the clinical studies. Many brands just consist of ground-up mushrooms — and simply grinding them up doesn’t extract the medicine. (Note: Be sure to never take one of those brands!) Your supplement must be hot water extracted or else you’re not getting the benefit.

So how has Dr. Stengler been using and recommending this one powerful mushroom extract above all others? When even respected “natural gurus” don’t know a thing about it? It’s no accident why he knows secrets that have escaped so many other doctors. He’s one of a relatively few naturopathic medicine specialists.

His coveted Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree means that he trained for years in these subtle, yet lifesaving details that other doctors just don’t know. And...

Wouldn’t you want to trust your health to the
natural physician with 200 TIMES MORE TRAINING
in holistic medicine?

It’s understandable why so many well-meaning experts got the facts wrong about these cancer-fighting mushrooms. Did you know that most alternative doctors had to teach themselves about natural medicine?

FACT: There are only five accredited medical schools in the U.S. that teach naturopathic medicine as a specialty...

And not only did Dr. Stengler receive his doctorate from the prestigious National College of Natural Medicine...they made him an associate clinical professor!
The difference between a naturopathic medical doctor and an ordinary medical doctor couldn’t be more dramatic. In addition to getting the same basic training that all doctors get, Dr. Stengler received about 200 times more training in natural healing.

And Dr. Stengler never stops learning. When he’s not with his patients, he’s reading medical journals and diving into new scientific papers... so he’s always on the leading edge of this new kind of medicine.

That’s why PBS TV asked for Dr. Stengler when it sought to explore alternative medicine. And why so many of today’s greatest M.D.s are now saying...

“Mark Stengler is to be applauded not only for his healing work, but for his persistent exploration of the real frontiers of natural medicine...a truly dedicated healer who harmonizes the best of the art and science of healing.”
—Dr. James F. Balch, M.D.

Dr. Stengler is a hero to physicians and patients alike. And thanks to his brilliant work, I’m now able to reveal one scientifically proven anti-aging miracle.

You heard it here first: A new study has just proven that a special form of a little-known herb really does slow aging in human beings.

This is the first natural therapy ever proven to do so under scientifically controlled conditions. It works.

Not only that, it helps the body cope with stress amazingly well and truly does balance your stress hormones. It’s been shown to help control stress, which can help you avoid stress-related appetite increase and weight gain. Plus, it’s been shown to fight fatigue, improve memory and even boost sexual performance. You’re going to be hearing a lot about this strangle little shrub in years to come...

But don’t get cheated. The market is being flooded with supplements that don’t contain the ingredient that produced these stellar results. Plus, many have not met high quality standards and are likely to be contaminated. (Note: You should never take the brands that don’t contain this amazing ingredient.)

So be sure to follow Dr. Stengler’s clear directions — I’ll tell you how to get them all FREE in a moment. That way, you’ll get a form that’s safe and proven to work.

Now listen to this shocker about cholesterol...

Your doctor is getting it all wrong!

Tom Waldschmidt was dieting like a fiend, bicycling 20 miles a day and using the latest natural cholesterol-cutting pills recommended in health magazines...

Yet after a year of all this starving, sweating and spending...Tom’s cholesterol hadn’t budged!

He didn’t want to use statin drugs, but what else could he do? His “bad” LDL was dangerously high, and the other numbers looked awful, too. But that was before Dr. Stengler gave Tom his “little red wonder.” It’s so safe that Chinese chefs used it as a natural food coloring agent for hundreds of years.

And...BANG! In a matter of weeks...Tom’s LDL and total cholesterol suddenly plummeted by 100 points each!

The same could happen for you, just as fast. Even when diet, exercise, plant sterols, policosanol and any other popular natural therapy fails you — this stuff works. Reams of studies now prove it beyond any doubt. So why haven’t you heard about the “little red wonder” before?

Well, it fell out of fashion for a very sinister reason...

Outrageously, our nation’s drug firms secretly CRIPPLED the world’s best-proven
natural cholesterol cure.

Don’t believe me? It’s far and away nature’s most studied and reliable cholesterol-lowering substance. The only problem worked too well!

Drug firms were so impressed with it, they tried to have it banned. It threatened their profits and they couldn’t have that. But when public outcry prevented them from doing so, they resorted to something more sneaky.

They crippled it! They pushed through some regulations that made it very tough to find the concentrated form that actually works. (This is the form that was used in the scientific studies.) So even if you found a bottle of this miracle substance, IT’S NOT THE REAL THING. They’ve all been diluted. They’re probably too weak to move your numbers dramatically.

How ingenious of the drug firms! By now, even “experts” have been bamboozled into thinking it’s no good. But happily, you can get the real stuff, quite inexpensively, only if you know what to look for...

Let Dr. Stengler show you how to find the good stuff —and how to use it.

All the details are in your copy of Dr. Stengler’s Natural Healing Library. It’s available FREE. Learn how to get your FREE copy when you read this report today.

And when you RSVP today, this is where you’ll also discover...

What if you could cure high blood pressure?

Dr. Stengler’s surprising herb discovery is doing just that for many patients. He has found that this herb instantly expands arteries, and after a couple of months, the effect seems to “stick.” They stop taking it and their blood pressure stays normal. Wouldn’t you call that a cure?

But there’s so much more. Think even late-stage diabetes!

Shawn Mitchell, beloved pastor for the San Diego Chargers football team, was doing everything he could to stem the onslaught of his diabetes. He was eating responsibly, exercising...But even daily insulin shots in his gut couldn’t stop it from slowly destroying his eyes! That was before he started using Dr. Stengler’s diabetes breakthrough. Shawn says,

“Since following [it]...I have recovered and am free from insulin shots. I also regained the ability to read. Thank you!”

Got loved ones with diabetes or prediabetes? Let Dr. Stengler’s discoveries do the same for them! RSVP today for your FREE copy of Dr. Stengler’s Natural Healing Library...It contains details about his discoveries that have saved Shawn and many others, including:

NEW! The natural pancreas preserver. Actually regenerates your precious insulin-producing cells!

This “sugar destroyer” can nullify type 2 diabetes. Proven to block sugar cravings and lower blood glucose. Some patients have been able to throw out all their diabetes drugs!

I’ll show you how to RSVP in just a moment (it’s easy). But first I want to share a breakthrough that had even me skeptical...

Abdominal pain, heartburn, gas, cramps, constipation, nausea, vomiting, appetite loss...

What if you could end all of this misery almost instantly, just by tasting something?

Astonishing as it sounds, now you can.

And all it might take is just 10 drops of an inexpensive root extract. As Dr. Stengler has shown, the very taste of this root triggers a powerful nerve reflex that’s hardwired into every human being.

Put a few drops of this solution on your tongue. And then — almost immediately — all your key digestive organs are activated.

Your stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder all “turn on” and start pumping out the enzymes your body needs to digest your food properly. The effect can be near miraculous, as his patients worldwide attest...

“For over 40 years I suffered with gastric reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Desperate to find relief, I had a consultation with Dr. Mark Stengler. After following his advice, I could eat and taste food with no gastric upset for the first time in several years. I am 92 years old and ready to enjoy life again!”
-Helen, San Francisco

Impossible? But reams of clinical studies now confirm this stunningly simple discovery.

Makers of acid-blocking drugs would love to suppress it, but you’ll find all the details in your FREE copy of Dr. Mark Stengler’s Natural Healing Library.

But first consider this stunning discovery, thanks to Dr. Stengler’s tireless research...

A natural aid in the treatment of

“I was diagnosed with diseased kidneys,” recalls Edward. “I then consulted with Dr. Mark kidney doctor could not believe the dramatic improvement! She even wants to have it written up in a medical journal!”

Do you have a loved one suffering from kidney trouble? Let Dr. Stengler share the secret that helped Edward.

Discovered in the remote reaches of Nepal, this rare botanical is now being grown in the United States, and is so blessedly inexpensive, your dose might be only about 24 cents a day. Yet clinical studies now prove it is successful in helping kidney patients — so incredibly well, impressed researchers did write it up in a medical journal!

RSVP today for the details in your FREE gift Dr. Mark Stengler’s Natural Healing Library. But before you do, find out why smart sports heroes are rushing to Dr. Stengler...

The answer? Because his...

“Everest extract” is safely turning weaklings into supermen

Tiring out easily? Feeling your strength fade? That’s why smart men are skipping the steroids and seeking out Dr. Stengler. He’s helping them reclaim their glory years safely...And relax, this has nothing to do with drugs or testosterone therapy!

His secret is a fantastically vigorous plant discovered on the slopes of the world’s highest mountains, the Himalaya. It looks a bit like a caterpillar, the locals ingest it as a tonic, and it’s been said this is how Sherpa guides scaled Mt. Everest without oxygen tanks...

But the big breakthrough happened when Chinese sports clinicians started tinkering with it. They extracted a substance called CS-4 and the rest is sports history. In international competitions, an underrated Chinese team suddenly broke six world records...

Yet not only is CS-4 perfectly legal — scientists say it’s phenomenally healthy. Researchers have lately been testing it on thousands of patients suffering just about every indignity that afflicts older men. Wow...

  • Energy soars as fatigue falls away by an amazing 92%...
  • Chronic lung obstruction improves by 40%...
  • Constant “urge to purge” departs so you can sleep through the night...
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, boosts “good” HDL cholesterol...
  • And men with faltering sex lives are turning into stallions!

This is no folk legend, guys. There’s good, solid science backing it, and the proof is in your copy of Dr. Mark Stengler’s Natural Healing Library.

Remember, this book is yours absolutely free (and it includes 9 full Volumes of health-saving information), compliments of Dr. Stengler, when you RSVP today. So please, don’t waste money or time on the ineffective male tonics advertised everywhere these days.

Find out how really smart and responsible sports pros are enhancing their performance and lengthening their careers. It could change your whole outlook on life after 50, practically overnight.

And for those of us already well into our Golden Years, here’s an announcement sure to drop your jaw...

for about 14 cents!

FACT: Millions of older Americans are terrified they’re succumbing to early dementia, when, in fact, they’re simply suffering from an aging, underactive thyroid.

Dr. Stengler has found that millions of men and women secretly suffer from this condition. But most doctors don’t test for it...and those who do usually use an outdated test...and even when it’s detected, they’re treating it with an ineffective medicine!

REMEMBER: If you’re over 50, the odds are good that you have this condition. So it’s almost certain that someone you love is suffering.

Even a mild imbalance of thyroid hormone can slow brain function, make you overweight, depress your spirits, or all three. Yet ironically, you could clear that up for pennies, in a matter of days.

Let Dr. Stengler show you the state-of-the-science test to insist on. And find out how he’s curing his own patients with a safe, natural extract that costs around 14 cents a day (he’s seen some patients start to improve in as little as 14 days).

Full details are in your FREE gift, Dr. Mark Stengler’s Natural Healing Library.

I’m still just scratching the surface of what this massive library contains. For example, it finally exposes the secret that has our friend Todd...

Pain-free for the first time in decades

Todd was taking 13 different arthritis supplements costing $1,800 a year...and even after waiting months, he could still barely manage to hobble around.

Sound familiar? Just like Todd, we’re all trying alternatives, now that painkilling drugs are proving so deadly. But you’ve got to gobble down handfuls, shell out hundreds, and wait, wait, wait...There’s got to be a better way!

And now there is, thanks to Dr. Stengler. In a famous case that would make fellow doctors gasp in admiration...Todd swapped his big bag of bottles for ONE little jar of plant extract.

Each of these marvelous mini-pills is about the size of a mustard seed. You don’t even have to swallow them. Just let them dissolve (they have a pleasant taste) and they enter your bloodstream in seconds, through the pores of your mouth...

Todd could barely believe how fast his arthritis agony disappeared, after all those supplements had failed him. It’s no fluke. Todd’s case is now being repeated thousands of times by Dr. Stengler’s patients and those of his amazed medical colleagues.

And in a world where medical prices are spiraling totally out of control, this mustard seed-sized miracle also carries the world’s tiniest price... About 9 cents a day! So Todd’s not just healed — he’s also saving over 1,716 bucks a year on supplements.

Surprised? But everything I’ve told you today merely hints at how Dr. Stengler is revolutionizing alternative medicine.

This is why he has been hailed as among the best voices in natural healing. And it’s why I’m so eager to send you an incredible masterwork by this 21st century medical giant, entitled Dr. Mark Stengler’s Natural Healing Library.

It reveals all the details of how to get and use the pain miracle mentioned above — plus hundreds more of Dr. Stengler’s newest breakthroughs. The life-transforming information in this gift is priceless — and is something Dr. Stengler wants to share with you.

So, I’d like to send you this 100,000-word medical
opus – including 9 Volumes – absolutely FREE,
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Let me tell you now about the gift Dr. Stengler has prepared just for you:
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All the details about Dr. Stengler’s proven “10-Cent Tummy Tuck” and other discoveries helping his celebrity patients lose weight effortlessly and safely! And when you act now, it’s FREE! Along with...

Today’s most dangerous natural healing
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Dr. Stengler will show you which widely advertised “cures” to avoid like the plague, and the far less expensive new miracles that really deliver! Plus, if you reply right now, he’ll also include this priceless information...

Skyrocketing medical costs are bankrupting families and fixed-income seniors. But many of Dr. Stengler’s new breakthroughs cost just pennies a day or they’re FREE!

So we asked him for his favorites—even the ones he uses in his own home. The result is this comprehensive library, jam-packed with astonishing healing power.

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  • BRUISES AND BURNS! This cheap extract erases all traces in as little as four days...
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  • INSOMNIA! A natural alternative — in no time you’re sound asleep...
  • BLUE MOODS! No adverse side effects, and works in just 30 minutes...
  • STIFF NECK! Press your fingertips on this trigger point and cramps release within seconds...
  • ANXIETY! So effective and safe, even pregnant women can use it...
  • MENTAL FATIGUE! Boosts concentration and mental energy, yet lowers blood pressure...

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Amazing new
“10-Cent Tummy Tuck”
melts gobs of stubborn belly fat

Plus...The 5 PROVEN New Shockers That
REVERSE Every Disease of Aging

(And 2 common “natural supplements” you should never take for any reason.)

NEW! From the natural doctor SEEN ON PBS TV

For the first time ever, the man that’s been hailed as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave” is revealing his most lifesaving new discoveries in this valuable report. And keep reading to learn how you can get a library of all of Dr. Stengler’s most valuable cures and treatments, absolutely FREE.

You may already know Dr. Stengler from his dozens of TV appearances on FOX, ABC, CBS and other networks, his weekly radio broadcasts, and his interviews and articles in national magazines like USA Today. In recent years, his discoveries have proven so spectacular that...

PBS TELEVISION spotlighted his genius in two breakthrough health documentaries...

TOP DOCTORS and health professionals are rushing to learn his new techniques, and he’s being invited to lecture in places as far-flung as Moscow and Siberia...

MANY CEOs OF FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES have traveled thousands of miles to be treated at Dr. Stengler’s famed clinic in San Diego, California...

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“Mark Stengler is the nation’s leading natural doctor. He is the ‘one’ other practitioners turn to for insight on difficult cases.”
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Leader of the new wave!
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—Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.

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“Mark Stengler is to be applauded not only for his healing work, but for his persistent exploration of the real frontiers of natural medicine...a truly dedicated healer who harmonizes the best of the art and science of healing.”
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